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Next Level Youth, a New Jersey non-profit corporation, was founded in 2006 upon the principles of youth education and development. We are a dedicated and concerned group of parents and professionals, who have collectively taken responsibility to guarantee that our children’s futures are full of promise and opportunity. In addition to working with the children, we reach out to include family, friends and concerned community members in this growth process as it is within the scope of our objectives to develop a nurturing environment for all to learn and grow.

Next Level Youth incorporates youth education and athletics as a basis to educate children in the areas of social growth, academic achievement, business awareness, and principles of overall character building.

We are deeply committed to empowering our youth so they will have the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals. We thank you for your interest in our future and in the ongoing development of our youth.

Eugene Lambert – President & Founder
Sheldon Millard – Vice President & Co-Founder
Keith Jackson – Executive Director & Co-Founder
Danielle Graves- Interim Secretary
Mitch Danzy – Athletic Director
Walter Daniels- Board Member
Evelyn McCleod- Pageant Founder & Director
Pandora Wilson-Chess- Pageant Co-Director
Terry Lambert- Fundraising Project Manager
Chantal Bailey- Program Development Intern
Emily Magsamen- Public Relations & Marketing Intern
Daryl Charney- Basketball Coach

Preparing Our Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow